Pneumatico Pallet Repair Table WT2

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Pneumatico Pallet Repair Table WT2


PNEUMATICO PALLET REPAIR TABLE, Model WT2 - a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing pallet repair stations. Designed for efficiency and comfort, this robust worktable sets a new industry standard.
1. 360-degree rotation, reducing worker strain.
2. The dedicated slot for vertical pallet turning further enhances productivity by minimizing downtime and maximizing output.
3. A spacious 53" x 56" worksurface accommodates various pallet sizes, optimizing productivity.
4. Nail guns suspended on tool balancers ensure smooth movement, prevent injuries and extend the life of tools.
5. The ergonomic layout minimizes fatigue, fostering a productive environment.
6. Beveled worktop corners for easy cutting.
7. A roller to easily move the pallet.
8. Side shelf for a reciprocating saw.
9. The 6 mm thick steel plate reduces noise and vibration, enhancing operator comfort.
Elevate your pallet repair station with the WT2, visit Pneumatico's website for more groundbreaking solutions tailored to the industry. Upgrade your workspace now for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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