Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories Timely replacements of faulty parts prolong the life of your equipment and prevent accidents during operation. For tool balancers, retractor cable, and spring inserts may eventually require replacement. We have these components to keep your balancers functioning without downtime. Brands in our collection include Bostitch, Pneumatico Lift, and TECNA. The Bostitch wire hanger kit is ideal for suspending your nail gun. It contains two wire hangers and works on any nail gun brand. The pneumatic coil hose with an external and internal diameter of 12mm and 8mm works perfectly on TECNA tool balancers. It is a polyurethane hose with push-to-connect fittings, including a one-quarter-inch male straight and elbow. Our collection’s pneumatic coil hoses' steel brackets are compatible with TECNA 9323, 9321, 9322, LIGHT 8, LIGHT 6, and LIGHT 4. Hence, they can fit into your existing configuration. Areas with a risk of electric shock will find our insulated swivels helpful. The component works with many TECNA balancers, including 9361 - 9369, 9502 - 9509, and 9422 - 9426. Get quality parts and accessories for your balancers to keep your tools in optimal working condition. Stainless steel balancer and retractor cables are also available. You can get one that supports up to 231 lbs. (TECNA 72834). Available strokes on the stainless steel cables include 63, 79, and 98 inches. Our collection also includes spring inserts with up to 132 lb. capacity, meaning you can comfortably place heavy tools when working with them. Furthermore, those with strokes up to 118 inches can give you longer-range motions.