ENDO Kogyo

Endo Kogyo is a company that has transformed itself into a manufacturer of industrial machinery since its establishment in 1935. The company specializes in material handling equipment, power supply equipment, and environmental machines. Their products are developed with the goal of significantly improving processing efficiency and productivity, focusing on proprietary technologies, consistently excellent quality, and durability. Endo Kogyo's spring balancers are now used by automobile manufacturers in more than 30 countries to suspend welding equipment and other tools. 

Endo Kogyo's proprietary spring-powered technology allows for easy adjustment and precise control of the weight of the suspended tools, resulting in improved productivity and reduced worker fatigue. The quality and durability of Endo Kogyo's spring tool balancers are unmatched, making them a trusted choice for manufacturers around the world.

ENDO product range

Endo Kogyo produces a wide range of spring tool balancers to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Their product line includes standard-type balancers, which are ideal for general-purpose use, as well as heavy-duty models designed for larger tools and equipment. They also offer safety tool balancers, which have additional safety features such as a safety lock mechanism to prevent accidental tool dropping. In addition, Endo Kogyo manufactures zero gravity balancers, which are designed to provide effortless tool positioning by offsetting the weight of the tool with the force of the spring. These balancers are widely used in automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries to help reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Endo Kogyo offers a range of spring tool balancers that are specifically designed to suit different load capacities and stroke lengths. 

The first category is Light Capacity spring tool balancers, which are ideal for smaller tools and equipment weighing up to 4.4lb (2 kg). They are equipped with a high-performance spring that can support the weight of the tool while making it easy to move and operate.

The second category is Standard spring tool balancers, which are designed to handle tools weighing between 2.2lb and 154lb (1kg and 70kg). These balancers are popular among automotive manufacturers and other heavy-duty industries due to their ease of use and reliability.

The third category is Large Capacity spring tool balancers, which can support tools weighing up to 441lb (200kg). They are designed with a powerful spring that can handle heavier loads, making them perfect for larger industrial applications.

The fourth category is Long Stroke spring tool balancers, which are designed to provide a longer range of motion for tools that require extended reach. These balancers come with a specially designed cable that can extend up to 8.2 feet ( 2.5 meters), providing greater flexibility and range.

The final category is Endo Balancers with Ratchet, which are designed to provide precise load control and locking mechanisms. These balancers are ideal for applications that require precise positioning and control and are often used in automotive manufacturing and other precision industries.

Overall, Endo Spring tool balancers are available in a range of categories to suit different load capacities, stroke lengths, and applications. By providing this level of customization, Endo Kogyo ensures that its customers can find the perfect spring tool balancer to meet their specific needs.

Endo also provides other related products to meet the diverse needs of their customers. One such product is the Retractor, which is designed to retract and suspend various types of tools, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric tools. A retractor is a balancer that has longer wire travel. The spring tension increases as the wire rope is extended. When the tension is released the suspended tools/equipment return to the original position.

Endo also offers spring tool balancers with brake systems. The braking balancer is equipped with a one-way clutch that slows retraction but doesn’t interfere with extension. This feature can also be set to off to use the balancer without the brake

For applications where hoses are being used alongside tools, Endo provides tool hose balancers and air tool balancers. The balancers are designed with a hose instead of a rope, allowing the tool to be connected directly to the balancer. The hose serves a dual purpose, providing both suspension and air supply for the tool.

For a full list of Endo Balancers please see the Endo Spring Tool Balancers Catalog. For any queries, please don't hesitate to contact our experts at contact@toolbalancersusa.com or (978) 560-3775.