Tool Rail Track System

Tool Rail Track System with Tool Trolleys Our PNEUMATICO LIFT rail system revolutionizes workstation organization by providing a secure and efficient solution for suspending and maneuvering pneumatic and power tools. The system consists of robust galvanized rails, trolleys, and various mounting accessories. The rails feature a strong 1.6 inches by 1.6 inches profile with a 0.1-inch wall thickness, ensuring durability and stability. They are available in 6.5 feet lengths, offering flexibility in configuration. Each rail requires a tool suspension trolley, equipped with four steel wheels and rubber bumpers to facilitate smooth and noise-free movement. To control the range of movement, adjustable end stops can be easily installed on the rails. This allows for the limitation of individual trolley motion and accommodates multiple trolleys on a single rail, optimizing space utilization. Additionally, smaller trolleys with two wheels are available for suspending specialized items such as air hoses and electrical cords. Rail caps provide a polished look and ensure safety by covering sharp edges. We offer versatile mounting options, including secure rail mounts for ceiling or surface installation using screws. Wall-mounted options are also available for a space-saving approach. Couplers are provided for seamless extension of the rail system throughout your workspace. The PNEUMATICO LIFT rail system is designed for efficiency and convenience, allowing for smooth tool movement and secure suspension. It finds applications in various industries, including pallet production. By combining tool balancers, trolleys, and coil air hoses, the system enables uninterrupted workflow and effortless tool release.