Air Hose Balancers

Air Hose Balancers Skip the need for a secondary air hose sprawling on the floor and decrease the risk of fall accidents in the workshop. Air hose balancers relieve stress on the arms by supporting pneumatic tools. In addition, they provide a direct connection to supply air without the need for another hose. The air hose balancers in our collection can carry pneumatic tools that weigh as little as 0.9lb or as much as 11 lb. They come with polyurethane hoses, which are ideal for connecting your supply source and feeding your tool effortlessly. Also, you can have them with 35- or 53-inch strokes. Equipment in our collection includes the TECNA 9203, 9201, 9202, and 9200 models. They are retractor types with aluminum bodies and are lightweight. These tool balancers are must-haves if you use pneumatic tools often in your workshop or working environment. The simple attachment secures them to your overhead support, and the strokes ensure sufficient motion while working. Also, the polyurethane hoses provide a secure and flexible air passage to power your pneumatic equipment. The TECNA models available in our collection are designed for lightweight tools. They have adjustable tension controls, which ensure fine-tuning to the worker's needs and working requirements. The polyurethane air hoses have one-quarter-inch thread input and output. Combined with air supply and retractor support, the operator will experience a weightless operating experience. These tool balancers are ideal for assembly lines, fabrication, manufacturing, and packaging industries.