Electric Balancer

Electric Tool Balancers Workplace ergonomics can improve with electric tool balancers, which provide battery-assisted movements. This equipment has a simple yet tuned construction with a battery, eliminating the need for external electric cables during operations. The Schmalz Binar Neo 30 is a prominent electric tool balancer in our collection. Its lithium battery can be snapped in and out within seconds for quick operations. This interchangeability ensures that operations continue even when one battery runs out of juice. Other essential aspects of the Schmalz Binar Neo 30 include a stroke of 55 inches and a weight-carrying capacity of up to 66 lb. The battery-assisted operation facilitates precise lifting motions. Also, the balancer comes with several components that ensure safe, quick, and ergonomic functions. You can use the Schmalz Binar Neo 30 on rail systems without worry. The swivel joint, attached to the eyebolt or trolley, provides smooth rotary motions to allow you to twist the balancer during operations. Typical components for a complete operation include the swivel joint, battery charger and adapter, two battery packs, spring lock hook, suspension hook, suspension eye, and socket pin. The best part of using this tool balancer might be the wide range of end effectors. You can use the productivity hook, which ensures hands-free lifting and dropping operations. It uses a lever integrated into the spring locking mechanism to pick and release tools ergonomically. Another attachment you may use is the vacuum end effector. It can help move lightweight items over short distances in the workspace. Overall, this electric tool balancer boosts productivity beyond your average spring retractor.