Tool Balancer TECNA 9522AX.F


Tool Balancer TECNA 9522AX.F

ATEX Zero Gravity Spring Tool Balancer
  • Capacity: 66.1 to 88.2 lb (30 to 40 kg)

  • Stroke: 106" (2700 mm)

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Technical Specification
  • Capacity: 66.1 to 88.2 lb (30 to 40 kg)
  • Stroke: 106" (2700 mm)
  • Cable Type: Stainless Steel
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 34.8 lb (15.8 kg)
  • ATEX Certified
  • Ribbed and sealed construction in aluminum alloy
  • Stainless steel rope
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Safety suspension
  • Safety device against load dropping due to the spring breakage (capacity >3kg (6.6lb))
  • Upper rotary suspension with safety hook
  • Locking device to block the load at any height
  • Adjustable stroke limiting device
  • Taper drum rotating on ball bearings
  • Cable guide in antifriction material
  • Rotary upper hook with ball bearing
  • Inert spring drum assembly

Friction Brake - controls the rotation speed of the drum

ATEX - suitable for use in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere composed of flammable gasses or combustible materials

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Explosion Resistant Spring tool balancers are essential equipment in any workshop containing heavy hand tools. Working in an environment with combustible gases requires explosion-resistant balancers. There is an array of TECNA models with up to 108 inches of stroke equipped to handle your balancing needs. You can get the hook type for easy mounting to your overhead support, or go with the shackle attachment. The TECNA 9355AX and 9223AX are examples in our collection with different attachment styles. Also, the models available range from simple spring retractors to ATEX zero-gravity models. There is an extensive selection for weight, stroke, and other qualities that fit unique applications. For example, you can have models with friction breaks and those without. All explosion-resistant balancers in our collection use stainless steel cables. Stainless steel cables provide excellent strength in load-carrying capacity. The collection contains balancers that can carry as little as 0.9lb to those designed for over 200lb. A prominent example is the TECNA 9509AX.F, designed to carry weights of up to 220lb with a stroke of 83”. It weighs 37 lbs, is ATEX certified, and has a friction break. ATEX-certified tool balancers suit potentially explosive atmospheres with combustible materials or flammable gases. We have about 58 in our collection, split between the simple spring retractor and the zero-gravity balancer. As a result, you can pick which type offers you the most work flexibility while being suitable for use in explosion-prone working environments.